What matters

Everyone can feel insecure in our world because of raising up the speed of life and complexity of all the processes which are going on.  Sometimes we just need a break from all of this, go to the forest and stay alone. It helps. But it doesn't help forever. We need to figure out how to treat the world around us, all included.


We are here to help anyone how not to get lost in an overwhelming amount of information from media. There is no option how to read all the sources and get the truth as we would like. It is the work for the whole lifetime. We are here to show you how to deal with the description of reality from different sources.    And finally, take a stand which you can feel like you did all the best for getting the most accurate picture of the reality.




We arrange small classes on how to treat the information. How to read the hidden context in between the lines. How to find relevant information and how to deal with it. We can offer the hints on how to take a stand if we don't know who can we trust in. We organise public meetings where is possible to discuss the interesting topics and hear the different opinions to the situation.



We are social scientists truly engaged with improving the lifestyle which includes living in this society. We can find many recommendations how to stay detached, not to read the newspaperapers and stay all day long in a meditative state not to interfere, not to be annoyed and just accept everyhing how it will come.

Can you imagine how the world would look like if everyone does that? Really?

It might be an interesting discussion. Let's go for it!!


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