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A fairytale about a detached view

There are many opinions about everything, many proofs were collected about any paradigm or theory and many options which we can choose for the next way.  We would like to find the solution because of our rational mind only but we all know that is just a fairytale. We all are human beings with expectations, interests, emotions and maybe something more which we can't understand yet. We all need to make decisions all the time and we need to live with the consequences and finally stay friends with ourselves. We don't need to blame ourseves that we feel what we feel or do we? This is the topic which is covered by the course called "A fairytale about a detached view"

The power of music

We all need to be a part of a community. It is our very essential need which is covered by being a member of a family a bunch of friends or any other type of community. It is usually based on words. We usually use words when we want to create bonds with other people. But words might be confusing or can hurt as well. How to create wonderful feelings without using words in there literal meaning? The answer can be music. This is always helpful but if you are more than just an audience because you are engaged then it is powerful twice. Do you remember the meetings where people are singing together no matter what?  How does it feel? We believe that this powerful tool will help our lives a lot. Our musical events are always about being together and create these gorgeous feelings

To know or to feel?

Our brains have limited capacity. It is difficult to admit that but it is true. We can't absorb all the knowledge about our world as was possible in our ancient history, perhaps. We need help with taking a stand with our opinions. We need to use all the human skills for finding the right way for us. We have to reluctantly accept that we will never have all the information about the given topic which we want. Just face it!  Our meetings are focused on this question.

How to avoid evil

There is a practical course on how to read between the lines, not just the news but also advertisements or announcements. If you don't want to eat the bate from the sellers or anyone else then you can use our knowledge for good.

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