Too complicated world

..and not only you..


Have you ever felt that this world is too complicated for You and maybe for all of us?

Do you struggle to figure out what is really going on around us?

Have you already faced the desperate feeling how to get who is the devil and t the angel?


It is not always clear... we all know. Let's see this:


There is a situation... e.g.  ... a war conflict anywhere... you can find a lot of newspapers which refer to the situation. Many of them are in contradiction. How do you find where to find the truth? Why do trust one's words and not the others?


If you already have these questions in your head, you are in the right place.



Saturnin Žižkovský
Founder and Principal

I am Saturnin. I know that we all need to look at the world from another corner then we already did. My goal is organise the events which can help you to go around your "idea-globe" outside and take a look from another angel. 

Michael Stranger
Project Manager

I am Michael, musician, singer and songwriter. I bring you a close excursion to your emotions by my music. Let's get started

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